About Drifta EU

Hi this page will be updated by me (Jake).

Here are some information what got us to sell Drifta products in Europe:


Me and Luke met in the year 1995 the 1st time. I was 10 years old at that time and travelling with my family around the USA. Luke was working on a farm in Washington DC as a tourist guide. My father is a book writer and he was writing a book about our trip in the USA (have a look at his web: www.leossimanek.cz). His plan was to hire horses and do a 5 day trip to the Canadian border. Thats how we met Luke the 1st time.

Also in that year the 1st Drifta Kitchen was build.


Luke started to sell Kitchens around camping shows all over Australia.


By that year around 1400 kitchen units were sold to costumers around shows. Luke was working 7 days a week. In that year the www.drifta.com.au page went up and Drifta started to get sales online.


We stayed in touch by mail later by email and after many years my father decided to do a trip to Australia. That was in 2007. We went to Gloucester to Drifta HQ and spend a few nice days in the Barrington Tops. After our visit we continued for 3 months traveling around Australia and came back to Gloucester by the end of our trip. At this time, there was just the kitchen shed and 16 employers.


Drawers shed finished and Drifta started to become a big player in the 4WD drawers manufacturing.


DOT factory construction finished and manufacturing of trailers started. In that year Luke started to sell Snow Peak camping gear around Australia.


I decided to come to Drifta in 2015. I have spend the last 3 years working in Prague and felt it is time for a major change in my life. Now, I know it was a great choice! Enjoy working at Drifta and the great adventure lifestyle


Drifta Camping & 4WD is after 16 years in business employing 65 people and the biggest company of that kind in Australia. Manufacturing camping trailers, camping kitchens, drawer systems for 4WD and vans, canvas products and much more. The social network that Luke is using to market the products (youtube, instagram, Facebook) made him and Drifta products famous even across the borders of Australia. We are getting many inquiries from all around Europe every week so we decided to start shipping products and sell from there.

Drifta Europe was founded in 2016. The Company is registered in Czech Republic where I was born and my family lives. We are in the beginning and at this stage the 1st products we shipped to the EU are Snow Peak fire pits. So all the combos Large and Medium are available for the European market. My parents are helping with the distribution but all communication are handled by me. There will be much more Drifta products available in the future, so keep an eye on the EU web page


2nd shipment to EU leaving Sydney harbour 4 feb. This time we sending a few drawers and kitchens over. We got many request for drawers and kitchens in the past. Very expensive to send a single drawer/kitchen unit to EU but when we send them together and send out around EU from Czech Republic it gets affordable. We plan so send freight every 3 months so if you after drawers put an order in and we will get it ready for the next shipment also much more Snow Peak and Drifta products will be on the EU page soon.

Picked up freight in Hamburg. On the way back to CZ I dropped of drawers in Berlin. So now we have much more products available on the cart. Shelfs of my parents garage are fully stacked. In a way funny. Luke started as well 16 years ago in his parents garage building his first kitchens. So lets see how far we get in EU in a few years


Drifta Stockton started in 2020. We shipped the 1st container to our new warehouse. Looks full already 🙂


Covid delayed out 2nd container shipment for over 4 months… This time we sent a full 40ft. Many more Drifta Stockton products now available