Drawer Systems for 4WDs

A big part of the Drifta production are 4WD drawers systems. We getting a lot emails from Europe if we can ship them. Of course it is possible to ship a single drawer unit but it is getting just too expensive.

Now that we have Drifta in EU we can ship more orders at one time and save a lot of freight costs.

This is how it works with drawers:
Every drawer unit is custom build, this makes it possible to get exactly what you want. I will  look after you and take your order so best email me [email protected]. Some special questions can be send also to [email protected] he is the production manger for Drifta drawers but best send all to me and if I dont know the answer I will check with Mark. Once we get all details sorted and you accepted the quote you will receive an invoice from Drifta EU. When a deposit is paid the drawers will get on the build list. Freight to EU should leave at this stage every 3-5 months.

  • The price for shipping is 350$ AUD (standard hight drawers freight from Australia to Czech Republic). From Czech Republic we can send out via TNT or the drawers can be picked up. Average freight price is 130 EUR for sending the drawers out around Europe. You can of course arrange your own freight.
  • All prices are on the Australian webpage. We add 15% on top of the order value for handling (not including the 350$ for freight).
  • Please keep in mind that custom work is not available for EU. Just drawers systems that you can find on the Australian webpage.

All available drawer units are on the Australian Drifta page

If you have any questions please send me an email. Thank you


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